Thursday, February 26, 2015


Canadians like to talk about the weather, particularly winter weather. The ice-breaking opening line in our climate conversations is often formatted as a question.

Is it cold enough for you?
Is it windy enough for you?
Is there enough snow for you?

Of course we've had enough snow! There have been stay-at-home days, highway closures, power outages and serious shovel sessions this month - enough to test hardiness and patience.  The snowbanks in the village could fill a photographer's portfolio with convincing alpine views.  

When you ask my Acadian neighbour the typical question about having enough snow, her response comes as a surprise.   
"There's enough snow for crepes!"she says in French.
At first I think she's using a quaint saying that is untranslatable, an expression that only those born into the culture can truly understand.
Not until I actually see her heading outdoors, measuring cup in hand, do I realize that snow is a key ingredient in Acadian pancakes.  This page from "A Taste of Acadie" cookbook explains the practical use of fresh snow in a crepe recipe.  

Recipe from "A Taste of Acadie" by Marielle Cormier-Boudreau and Melvin Gallant

The English are fond of saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  I've decided to adopt the Acadian proverbial phrase, "When enough snow falls, make crepes."  

Snow crepes topped with apples and cinnamon