Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Alphabet 2014

A for Appendix, a small body part that I had totally ignored until this year, when it turned nasty and had to come out.

B for Beans, by the bushel, a bumper crop.  We delivered baskets to the Food Bank in Shediac.

C for Craft projects, the ones I completed and those in a drawer labelled "works-in-progress."

D for Dead birds, washed up on the beach.  Plastic pollution or pesticides or lack of food????  There were too many of these.  

E for e.e. Cummings who wrote the poem/prayer of gratitude that I have framed on my desk and committed to memory.

F for Fisher Folk, our good Acadian neighbours who offered help when we needed it.

G for Garage Sales and the joy of treasure-hunting.

H for Hotel Geulzicht, the castle near Maastricht where we stayed in March.  A very charming place.


I for I Ching a source of daily inspiration and sound advice.

J for Jelly, made from the fruit of our backyard apple tree

K for Kumihimo braiding, and the intrigue of spiral design.

L for Lavender the plant that thrived in our sandy soil, giving me a season of fragrant garden work, a calming influence and many sweet dreams.

M for Margaret MacMillan whose book "Women of the Raj" describes the life of British India memsahibs.  (My great-grandmother Lucy Ridley belonged to that group.)

N for Nick Nutting, my son the chef, whose hard work and creativity earned him an award for the best new restaurant in Canada   2014 was his year!

O for Oliver, my adorable one-year-old grandson.

P for Pesto, a summer blend of basil, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts that adds flavour to winter pasta.

Q for Quilts new and old, displayed at the annual Port Elgin N.B. Lupin Quilt and Craft show.

R for Remembrance, as this year marked the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I.

S for Sachets, created with shibori dyeing technique

T for Tock, an old-fashioned game that's still played here in N.B.  I found this board at a local thrift shop and had to ask the cashier what it was for. She was an avid player and explained the rules to me.

U for Utrecht, where I toured the amazing Rietvelt Schroder house, built in 1924.

V for Victoria, my beautiful four-year-old granddaughter, now a preschool student.

W for Wanderlust, an urge that I have been working to control. I'm pleased to say that we have remained in the same location for three years and have started to put down roots in the community.

XXX  for Amsterdam, where I watched a fearless workman cleaning windows high up on a canal house.

Y for Yarrow, the magic weed that heals all wounds.

Z for Zoetrope, a word added to my vocabulary after reading a newspaper article about my ancestor's Christmas in Wales. In the Monmouthshire Merlin 1870, it was reported that the Banks girls of Risca entertained children at a fancy fair with a zoetrope.

 Happy New Year!