Thursday, April 18, 2013

Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas

Dear Leonard:

I saw you last night at Moncton Coliseum
you looked like an artifact
in a museum
a figure that's bent
and worn at the seams
where was the hero
the poet of dreams?

You pulled from the darkness
a river of verse
a famous blue raincoat
(for better or worse)
old rags and feathers
a slave locked in chain
lines of seduction
remembered again.

You struggle to go deeper
when you sing the Word
it wasn't really singing
that chant of death I heard.

You push to play things harder
now that you are old
you aren't exactly feeble, but
neither are you bold.

You want to ride forever
on the glory and the fun
but the audience gets restless
and leaves before you're done.

Yours truly,
(A fan who stayed
for the encore)

Leonard Cohen on stage in Moncton

N.B.  Here's another take on the Old Ideas concert.

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